Hi, we’re A Hundred Monkeys.

Sure, there are actually fewer than a dozen of us and no, we don’t keep any live monkeys due to multiple workplace safety and animal rights issues, but if you’re looking for people who live and breathe naming, you’ve found us.

A Hundred Monkeys' Founder & Ceo Danny Altman

A Hundred Monkeys was founded by Danny Altman in 1990 to create names that reflect the personality, culture, and goals of our clients. Before starting A Hundred Monkeys, Danny was a founding partner of Altman & Manley, one of the first hybrid design/ad agencies. Danny was responsible for Ben & Jerry’s first television advertising and NetJets Europe branding in 20 countries.


A Hundred Monkeys is run by Eli Altman, Danny’s son. Eli began naming around the dinner table while he still wore Velcro shoes. He did his first freelance naming project at age 16 and hasn’t stopped naming since. Eli has been our creative director since 2012. He developed A Hundred Monkeys’ proprietary naming process and is the author of the Amazon bestselling naming workbook, Don’t Call it That. Before joining A Hundred Monkeys, Eli led the naming practice at MetaDesign, San Francisco.

The team:

Danny Altman

Name: Danny Altman
Role: Founder & CEO
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Elementary School: PS 92
Bay Area since: 1988
Sandwich: Turkey & Provolone
Ice cream: Three Twins Coffee Milk

Eli Altman

Name: Eli Altman
Role: Creative Director
Hometown: Mill Valley, Calif.
Elementary school: Tamalpais Valley
Bay Area since: 1988
Sandwich: Bay Cities
Ice cream: Almond Joy from Mr.+Mrs. Miscellaneous

Rose Draper Linke

Name: Rose Draper Linke
Role: Director of Client Services
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Elementary school: Crossroads
Bay Area since: 2007
Sandwich: Open-faced avocado and sharp cheddar
Ice cream: Straus Mint Chocolate Chip

Ben Weis

Name: Ben Weis
Role: Strategy Director
Hometown: Hinesburg, Vt.
Elementary school: Hinesburg Elementary
Bay Area since: 2011
Sandwich: Ice cream
Ice cream: Sandwich

Liam Humble

Name: Liam Humble
Role: Creative Lead
Hometown: Santa Rosa, Calif.
Elementary school: Forestville Academy
Bay Area since: 1985-2003, 2016-
Sandwich: I Panini di Ambra
Ice cream: Black Olive Brittle & Goat Cheese from Salt & Straw

Austen Fiora

Name: Austen Fiora
Role: Creative Lead
Hometown: Branford, Conn.
Elementary school: Foote
Bay Area since: 2013
Sandwich: Kovac’s Special from Gaetano’s
Ice cream: Black Raspberry Chip

Lorja Fogel

Name: Lorja Fogel
Role: Writer
Hometown: San Diego, Calif.
Elementary school: Crestview and Breeze Hill
Bay Area since: 2012
Sandwich: Montague’s Veggie with Turkey
Ice cream: Mashti Malone’s Creamy Rose


Name: Davis
Role: Dog
Hometown: Stockton, Calif.
Elementary school: Yes
Bay Area since: 2014
Sandwich: Yes. Meats.
Ice cream: Th?!s i?s

Danny Altman and Eli Altman at A Hundred Monkeys in Berkeley, CA

Danny and Eli at the shop. Davis, too.

Rose at work

Rose, naming away.

Liam Humble, Creative Lead at A Hundred Monkeys

😆 Liam 😆

Danny Altman working on Tidepool

Danny doing his thing.

Eli Altman with our latest printed piece

Eli with our latest printed piece.

Creative Director Eli Altman working with Boon Design and Stem

Eli, Boon, and the Stem team finding what works.

Ben Weis, Strategy Director at A Hundred Monkeys, finds forty winks on the way back from London

Ben finds forty winks on the way back to SFO.

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