ISIS officially ruined a perfectly good hypothetical hurricane //
the quintessence of 'don't call it that' //
report: holder of world's longest name typesetter, typesetter's nightmare //
this is a shipping ship shipping shipping ships //
in which h&m gets finntrolled //
reserve your .wang t.l.d. today!
an oldie, but a goodie, and a favorite of ours //
the most masculine name according to reddit:
languages in decline--and some in revival //
here's a freebie. greek food truck in the south bronx: "working class gyro."
OH @ahundredmonkeys: "i knew i could trust them to come through with an image of a baker with a man bun."
lunch break: we're trying to establish an official tacos:burrito metric. how many tacos = a burrito? 6?
not what you think //
life imitates (fake) art: the only way a 4th-wall branding disaster could get weirder //
RT @Narciscizzors: starbucks somehow declined to name their frappuchino sale "frappy hour" so now they've lost all my business
in which personal branding gets heavy //
"i heard it's like a startup, but for upstarts" //
butfor education, butfor prevention, and butfor automatic generation //

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley