Q: "Had Moon Unit been a boy, would you have named him the same thing?" Zappa: "I would have named him Motor Head." https://t.co/Jx3341mMCM
some great names in here // https://t.co/45u6q0Eopj
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needs no explanation or embellishment // https://t.co/r6kEDw76fq
ATT_0893_6DI? you can do way better than that // https://t.co/jlfOHllHg5
a hundred monkeys british foods taste test part ii: hobnobs' revenge https://t.co/WYuTeJLC9s
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RT @herdyshepherd1: "I stand on you" "And I smell your bottom" Always the same, you think you are winning and life catches you unawares ht…
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if only more companies cared as much about naming architecture as wikipedia editors // https://t.co/d815uxZ5mm
the going rate to name a moth species? 6k and counting // https://t.co/r29atafm6D https://t.co/chY7oZPUi0
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the difference between a good name and a descriptive name is the difference between "bagel" and "bread torus" http://t.co/ecDKTLjoas
what is brand and how to do http://t.co/jSrNR4jwYn
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the style section: forever cob nobblers // https://t.co/Y4eMWRCzlr
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Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley