at 58 strokes, this character is chinese's most complex. it describes a poor man's noodle //
ancient greek insult used for useless men: "he can neither swim nor write"
new case study for @jut_inc is live on the site //
prescription drug or metal band name? // via @mcsweeneys
Old Norse had rap battles. Seriously //
Brand introductions are like first dates. We take @google, @ESPNFC & more out to dinner //
RT @jut_inc: We put the final touches on our new space today. A BIG thank you to @brentcouchman for the awesome artwork! #funatjut http://t…
We're featured in today's @Chronicle article on Ed-Tech naming //
An attosecond is to a second what a second is to more than twice the age of the universe.
RT @elialtman: in @airbnb's defense, you can turn just about any logo into genitals…
Blimp naming contest won by 76-year-old Akron woman //
Our case study for @LookSharpCo is now on the site //
In defense of Airbnb's logo (and genitalia everywhere) //
Vanta is the new black // via @guardian
This wouldn't be possible without our sponsors:
Dog data from the Big Apple //
Simpson's wine, fine design:
for the start of your week.
RT @tadoyle: jars found at pompeii were marked ‘vesuvinum’
New on the blog: Maybe calling them wearables is the problem:

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