alaska gets its groove back //
burger king et al getting those portmanteaus out of their systems //
@heimo01 generous consolation prize.
@leesean thanks!
@emilylafave thanks emily! @saarsaar – we're happy to talk naming: 415.383.2255, hi(at)ahundredmonkeys(dot)com
perhaps the ultimate #dontcallitthat though we can think of a few exceptions //
RT @facefranchise: .@MLBNetwork John Smoltz's All-Weather Team.
the menu is one big lie. a hundred monkeys looks into why //
hiring Workflow Optimization Guru/Ball Pit Cleaner. please include cover letter and overdesigned resume //
RT @manualcreative: News: We’re excited to see our client @Polyera announce their first product, the Wove Band. @wov
wonder what their safety record looks like #dontcallitthat
no. no. stop it //
a hundred monkeys office british candy test. most delicious: mars bar. most questionable name: maltesers
some real winners on this menu. i'd order no. 119 but i'm terrified. points if you can name the bay area restaurant
the truth is out there (via @eli_schiff)
this guy used to work here. told a mean story, but we had to let him go. he kept trying to name stuff axaxaxas mlö
nope, not a typo. just a great graph title //

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley