an elevator named for a prayer named for a god //
where were you when scientists named 38% of the world? //
mercury craters prepared for naming in 3, 2, 1… b// via @washingtonpost
oh look, our old cards are on @Designspiration today //
on legally changing his name to santa claus: "the hours are long, and the beard tugs do hurt" //
RT @jut_inc: We've launched! Started today with our online analytics playground & new site for #devops. @jut_inc #juttle
=:o] is actually bill clinton, and other surprises //
RT @HaggardHawks: ENGLISH PINK is the name of a shade of yellow.
latin shape names beating greek shape names: quinquangle > pentagon sexangle > hexagon
thank colossus for graphic tees, mountain dew code red, gentrification, etc. //
RT @wolfhard: Mortal enemies.
looks like we have to rename our printer //
skills of the secretarybird: hunting snakes, rescheduling meetings.
should've stuck with dahomey //
this tweet would be ill-eagle in china //
sext: (n) prayer service held at noon //
RT @boondesign: Limited edition print love by @ahundredmonkeys x @boondesign now available from @extra_c http://t.c…
"anglerfish can swallow prey larger than themselves because their stomaches are highly flexible murder balloons."
we collaborated with @boondesign on some limited edition silkscreen prints. available from @extra_c here:
"we care," "this is going to be fun," and other lies //

Eli Altman is speaking at the Nearly Impossible Conference in SF