"first he was given a name. then consciousness and memory developed, and finally, ego. but everything began with his name" –haruki murakami
RT @javiergdesign: Sometimes it might be worth checking what the name of your brand means in other languages. http://t.co/4NXG8hqvoX #namin
@liam_humble @elialtman help me obi-one hundred monkeys, you're my only hope
RT @roselinke: in swedish, you don't know something like the back of your hand, you know something like the inside of your pocket.
@boondesign they sure are reaching for the stars
naming the heavens // http://t.co/BPFjtE6fMm via the @nytimes
Miami's "Underline": like New York's High Line, except, you know, on the ground // http://t.co/rDmZyI02Kj via @CBSMiami
RT @MakeshiftSoc: new class just added- got a question or two about product/business naming? come discuss with @elialtman http://t.co/nRdsT
the frozen pea problem: why you're looking for expertise in the wrong place // http://t.co/bfSaULj3Br
@GoVert_Creative looks like you have a little typo in your meta description... http://t.co/G8F6KGh9iu
RT @elialtman: spoke with @toddwasserman of mashable about apple's naming conventions and the Watch. http://t.co/leImVsmxv2
@boondesign how'd you guess?
published in 2007 and all the more relevant today: http://t.co/B4xTRiYEKg
dreadnoughtus schrani is a big new dinosaur that looks like it should topple over at any moment. // http://t.co/2w9TqUnqdO #goodbeastnaming
in case you're curious about our strict office fish policy: http://t.co/U3NSjafUM8
congratulations to the 100M alumni at @Tidepool_org on achieving 501(c)(3) status!
burnt bacon lake, montana :( http://t.co/sAKPcJsq57
why name your town's roundabout Gnome Island? "it makes people smile," according to the petition // http://t.co/E2Om2n3yKg
"altruism makes me hungry" –@tadoyle
fort blunder: canada's american-made tribute to american ignorance // https://t.co/ks2O0dTSt2

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