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great to see @din in the wild! lovely logo from @manualcreative as well. check 'em out: http://t.co/rKT42D5Rrj
name for nihilist figure drawing group: negative space
happy wotan's day! // http://t.co/LjwG2wOWK1
stellar style guide // http://t.co/iVJRTcMkm3
you know he's been waiting for this his whole life // https://t.co/SskLJkDeKx
congrats @okta, you're a unicorn! http://t.co/TgUMWc4T0u
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a problem easily solved. just #dontcallitthat // http://t.co/fYaseEBXPb
alaska gets its groove back // http://t.co/KXwuQUU2ej
burger king et al getting those portmanteaus out of their systems // http://t.co/bnNo5XjhRY
@heimo01 generous consolation prize.
@leesean thanks!
@emilylafave thanks emily! @saarsaar – we're happy to talk naming: 415.383.2255, hi(at)ahundredmonkeys(dot)com
perhaps the ultimate #dontcallitthat though we can think of a few exceptions // https://t.co/rnTDA9PsF4
RT @facefranchise: .@MLBNetwork John Smoltz's All-Weather Team. http://t.co/OMpOZorv3v
the menu is one big lie. a hundred monkeys looks into why // http://t.co/ehF2rTuZfu http://t.co/tnHK6fIV12
#dontcallitthat https://t.co/H4i44sVbXm

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley