RT @elialtman: what do milan, athens, paris, dover, dresden and cleveland all have in common?
India would like to rename the Internet // http://t.co/lYdykzaJkv
parrots name their offspring // http://t.co/rbaKB36Ra2
billboard baggins
if you throw one rock and two papers in a game of rock paper scissors it's called "fist full of dollars."
Atlanta is joining the MLS. Please name the team Outkasts.
RT @chadengle: Loved this book by @elialtman Don’t Call It That http://t.co/8DREmOiRnX
146 baby girls were named "khaleesi" in 2012
once upon a time, they were trademarks // http://t.co/HbnjWJoSYw
good name, bad bug: heartbleed // http://t.co/LSh5T64MAg
OH: "Naming your company after a Roman deity means near-certain legal trouble."
@catchword the big win is that we collectively convinced them to not call it "what's in a name".
early candidate for worst name of 2014 // http://t.co/lzkt5rPYII
naming on a budget // http://t.co/CeXPenMeCT
giraffes need irish names // http://t.co/glkQ9l8awI
sir john hawkins, the horse // http://t.co/iu7pDwHrFb
in the case of cronut v. crauxnut... // http://t.co/wDRoUEmwN5
RT @ucllc: Today on FPO: Great, 2-color workbook on naming by @elialtman of @ahundredmonkeys http://t.co/qxsFMVqXJV
welcome to kabam field, home of the cal bears // http://t.co/jMzBYobzEC
moving a brand from stealth to juggernaut status // http://t.co/r1ZGAZfi4B

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