"altruism makes me hungry" –@tadoyle
fort blunder: canada's american-made tribute to american ignorance // https://t.co/ks2O0dTSt2
things not to call your boss: grand poobah big cheese big enchilada big kahuna top dog head honcho things to call your boss: top banana
"it is a cool name. no one is using it. i will take it." // http://t.co/6MzEh7YaKn
the most dangerous names // http://t.co/tcQHmZ1J3S
execution rocks // http://t.co/qk8ju1mY44 via @nytimes
RT @elialtman: i'm speaking about naming at the @nearlyimposs conference on 9/20 in san francisco. do join us.
RT @roselinke: sjöglimt is a swedish word for the gleam of a lake.
happy to hear that client @inkling made #105 on http://t.co/zrR1f7sPlI's fastest growing companies!
naming babies: john green & bill gates deliver a beautiful story // http://t.co/mR5el3L4uu
.@Nelly_MO has a favorite typeface andale, andale mono e i, e i uh ohhhhh
free name for a generous VC firm: cede money
free name for an anti-procrastination firm: soon
fake name: No Company fake tag: For Old Men (really just white Nikes and tube socks)
VANILLACIDE (n.): the impact of committee decisions on creative endeavors
RT @elialtman: definitely #dontcallitthat @ Berkeley Bowl West http://t.co/GSZnL5miiQ
what country's name literally means shrimp? we'll give you a hint: it's Cameroon. // http://t.co/tBHDjNP0wX
the largest diamond ever found was named sergio
you found a name you love. the .com isn't available. what next? http://t.co/cdB5og35SD
250 babies in the u.s. were named 'kale' last year.

Eli Altman is speaking at the Nearly Impossible Conference in SF