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@emilylafave thanks emily! @saarsaar – we're happy to talk naming: 415.383.2255, hi(at)ahundredmonkeys(dot)com
perhaps the ultimate #dontcallitthat though we can think of a few exceptions // https://t.co/rnTDA9PsF4
RT @facefranchise: .@MLBNetwork John Smoltz's All-Weather Team. http://t.co/OMpOZorv3v
the menu is one big lie. a hundred monkeys looks into why // http://t.co/ehF2rTuZfu http://t.co/tnHK6fIV12
#dontcallitthat https://t.co/H4i44sVbXm
hiring Workflow Optimization Guru/Ball Pit Cleaner. please include cover letter and overdesigned resume // http://t.co/tSKHGzZuRo
RT @manualcreative: News: We’re excited to see our client @Polyera announce their first product, the Wove Band. http://t.co/LU6a9wWFVC @wov
wonder what their safety record looks like #dontcallitthat http://t.co/VouQLybKLr
no. no. stop it // http://t.co/Rt2UqmkKRs
a hundred monkeys office british candy test. most delicious: mars bar. most questionable name: maltesers http://t.co/5QvaSt3BTI
some real winners on this menu. i'd order no. 119 but i'm terrified. points if you can name the bay area restaurant http://t.co/dMDEIsnPoK
the truth is out there (via @eli_schiff) http://t.co/6PU1AC2eI8
this guy used to work here. told a mean story, but we had to let him go. he kept trying to name stuff axaxaxas mlö http://t.co/Frt33msdjC
nope, not a typo. just a great graph title // https://t.co/NqVki4UeVQ http://t.co/u7JR6havQR
long-form meditations on what we do. adding to the reading list // http://t.co/LMcyprOYtN
how we named the cybersecurity company we needed yesterday // http://t.co/aft7tJXhdT http://t.co/5jfBD0K49X
OH @ahundredmonkeys "That's my second greatest irrational fear after joining a cult on accident."
RT @DIA_Mitch: If your VC firm advises you to crowdsource your logo, and use brandbucket for your name. Give them their money back immediat…

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley