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An attosecond is to a second what a second is to more than twice the age of the universe.
RT @elialtman: in @airbnb's defense, you can turn just about any logo into genitals… http://t.co/jgFBMewZWH http://t.co/ic5pZmRJCG
Blimp naming contest won by 76-year-old Akron woman // http://t.co/LpPWqWLEqT
Our case study for @LookSharpCo is now on the site // http://t.co/HnJVrLbEQT
In defense of Airbnb's logo (and genitalia everywhere) // http://t.co/OtWzjsGTlj
Vanta is the new black // http://t.co/82lSoLUiAh via @guardian
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Dog data from the Big Apple // http://t.co/flVvZwUgPs http://t.co/7faj34F3tb
Simpson's wine, fine design: http://t.co/HcMAjgpLjG
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RT @tadoyle: jars found at pompeii were marked ‘vesuvinum’
New on the blog: Maybe calling them wearables is the problem: http://t.co/OVYMQ8SwQy
how to say croissant without sounding like a douche // http://t.co/aGWfwxA20V
you might want to change your name if you suddenly share it with an Islamic militant group // http://t.co/mWNIYYaIeE
FRING (n.) The noise made by light bulb which has just shone its last.
Here's a rather useful Japanese word for you: http://t.co/L97yifrBC9 MT: @ejpfauth
they're unique, like "flothers" // http://t.co/sHgETUJWCB

Danny Altman discusses education naming with The Chronicle