the only chrome extension you need //
how we named one of our partners in crime //
brand evangelists as juggalos //
for all intents and porpoises: marine mammal conservation society
"Half of living American Brittanys are between the ages of 19 and 25" //
two of the many humans who comprise microsoft edge's target user group //
@satyanadella HoloLens = exciting product, very uninteresting name. looks like you may need some help with naming.
baritone voice actor: "don't leave your next naming project to a professional" //
friday freebie *puts a stack on danzig moon* //
tribute to microsoft //
the evolution of poor young folks //
we're all for edgy, but this…this is too far // #dontcallitthat
thanks for stopping by, @bmicedcoffee! this is what productivity looks like.
in which we find out the preferred nomenclature //
ordered one for the office
ISIS officially ruined a perfectly good hypothetical hurricane //
the quintessence of 'don't call it that' //

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley