this guy used to work here. told a mean story, but we had to let him go. he kept trying to name stuff axaxaxas mlö
nope, not a typo. just a great graph title //
long-form meditations on what we do. adding to the reading list //
how we named the cybersecurity company we needed yesterday //
OH @ahundredmonkeys "That's my second greatest irrational fear after joining a cult on accident."
RT @DIA_Mitch: If your VC firm advises you to crowdsource your logo, and use brandbucket for your name. Give them their money back immediat…
RT @MakersRow: #Branding 101:The guys @ahundredmonkeys breakdown how to created a timeless brand name
just call it "@_FloridaMan's wild ride" and be done with it //
"nighthawk, this is condor. we've got a problem: tumbler's on the rocks again" //
@oscar_morris so many ways to cut a melon.
you don't say //
us-iran nuclear talks are taking place in an ancient gunpowder depot. oh, and its name is castle asparagus //
"The Creedmunity will not be silenced." don't care if it's fake #dontcallitthat //
middle-earth-themed imageboard on the dark web: shadowfax
sounds familiar //
there's gotta be a better way //
paper trailhead
easily the coolest job title //
a look at 365, the whole foods spinoff that only wants part of your paycheck //
no way this would've slipped past the hundred monkeys trademark team #dontcallitthat

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley