"we care," "this is going to be fun," and other lies // http://t.co/owUtKMAqEL
good texan band name: oil boom // http://t.co/J6yRKmxXuG
gabriella goat gets gabriella's goat (@guardian) // http://t.co/ISsrStIMtf
RT @boondesign: Color test/Make ready for collab with ahundredmonkeys cc @elialtman printed by Bloom Press http://t.co/z3XMdy4rgu
RT @wearefine: .@elialtman's "Don't Call It That" reads less like a treasure map and more like a guide to gold mining techniques. http://t.…
the tree that owns itself, wonderboom, hundred horse chestnut, … // http://t.co/B7oGnvZlT2
italians, who would know, call a food coma "abbiocco"
from "holy agility!" to "holy zorro!" // http://t.co/NUi4jm6PP5
RT @jasecoop: The fact that Amazon's Echo is called Echo, but you have to call it Alexa, pretty much sums this product up perfectly.
@doststephen sounds like a winner.
@mrdanielcarter more surprised there's someone who didn't cringe.
.@vungle is our new favorite naming bungle. #dontcallitthat http://t.co/R7t33OHNv4
lunch by resident sandwich artist @tadoyle – turkey, havarti, spinach, sriracha, raspberry jam. http://t.co/7aN9F6URkT
ma, pass the product 19 http://t.co/7zVJgQCGuc
"I could not fail to disagree with you less." // http://t.co/dLSxJ7R1SY
in germany, kummerspeck, or "grief bacon," is the weight you gain from emotional overeating. we just call it ice cream
@boondesign whenever ICANN releases .ousness URLs

Eli Altman is speaking at the Nearly Impossible Conference in SF