not drugs. (from the archive) //
windows drops nokia name, kia shares skyrocket due to lack of naysayer
ninja turtle or organic compound? //
fahrenheit 451 was almost called "the fireman"
captcha, or "completely automated public turing test to tell computers and humans apart" //
RT @Dan_Cassaro: What are your personal brand core values??? Mine are fire, snakes and punching.
@boondesign we'll take it
neil diamond was this close to calling himself "eice charry" //
@oscar_morris: Do not get a Canon laser copier. They are a lot less cool and destructive than they sound.”
according to @tobias_fj, the hardest part of typeface design is finding a name //
taking "know your audience" to the next level #dontcallitthat
RT @Pbuggs: @ahundredmonkeys When I was in Kansas City, I drove past this shop: At least they're honest.
RT @elialtman: last time i'll annoy you all about this: i'm doing a q&a about naming and branding @MakeshiftSoc this evening at 6:30 – plea…
RT @elialtman: a nice 4 minute excerpt from my talk on naming @bnconf thanks @ucllc!
@gutsgloryandus can't eat their own dog food, eh?
the anti-powerpoint party claims the program causes 2.1 billion chf in damages //
RT @MakeshiftSoc: curious about company or product naming? join us for a discussion with @elialtman- this Thursday!
we call them the stars and stripes. strictly speaking, they're the mullets and barry //

Eli Altman is speaking at the Nearly Impossible Conference in SF