sounds familiar //
there's gotta be a better way //
paper trailhead
easily the coolest job title //
a look at 365, the whole foods spinoff that only wants part of your paycheck //
no way this would've slipped past the hundred monkeys trademark team #dontcallitthat
RT @elialtman: “@pieratt: "It's called Dude Stick because some people are just really bad at naming things"
some pro bono work. a neurology clinic: brain trust
and you thought kerning wasn't that important
we live in the future: a look at branding e-cigarettes //
new age consultancy, nacogdoches, texas, 1854: reintarnation
what you get when you settle for lesser naming companies //
regional american english: it's not dead yet //
the secret lives of air traffic waypoint names //
the other side of facial recognition //
the only chrome extension you need //
how we named one of our partners in crime //
brand evangelists as juggalos //
for all intents and porpoises: marine mammal conservation society

Communications Arts spends some time with us in West Berkeley