it’s not what you say; it’s how you say it. which in this case is literally true //
another reminder that we live in the future. we still wouldn't name a company ୧༼ ” ✖ ‸ ✖ ” ༽୨ though //
@boondesign beautiful (and probably expensive?)
I’m not sure what the flavors are and I’m scared to find out #dontcallitthat
we're looking for a quality lifestyle photographer in the bay area (preferably east bay). this sort of stuff:
some names are contagious. these ones might kill you //
tweeting from the 100M vacation house on Sunset Lakeshore Place //
a tale of blazers, vegemite, and naming contests //
personally, i’d go for a last name portmanteau //
there are super bowl parties, and then there's the super super bowl party bowl party (ssbpbp)
the reason “more is more” and “black is the new black” make sense //
yo @zolisnypizza you guys are thugs
zoli's ny pizza 1, mcdonald's 0 //
from the archives: why your brand sucks //
changing the way people think about government[-related names] //
RT @JasonShen: My reading notes on Don't Call It That: A Naming Workbook by @elialtman. Day 3 of #WkofBks #yourturnc
this mapmaker was a sucker
five ways bad names ruin first impressions //
@fritinancy good catch. prestige > something hidden

Eli Altman is speaking at the Nearly Impossible Conference in SF