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The only method that will get you a name and matching .com

Naming A Company? Forget the Dotcom

  “…and the name needs to be available as a .com.” We hear this one a lot. Otherwise intelligent people have dropped vowels, [...]
The Town goes hard

In Sports, Your Fans Are Your Brand

  Branding sports teams is tricky business. The team already has a brand, whether they like it or not. Player styles, rivalries, [...]
"What about me, Barry?"

What Do We Call Bill Clinton?

  Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States. We’ll almost certainly address her as Madam President: the NIH [...]

What’s a ButFor?

Have you heard of Spoonrocket? It’s like Uber but for food. Have you heard of YPlan? It’s like Uber but for events. Have you heard of [...]

Football brands deserve more fitting sponsors

Let’s start with something really obvious: football (“soccer” for the Americans and Australians) is the most popular [...]

Branding the Outdoors

  For most people, the word “Patagonia” conjures up images of adventurers summiting a snowy peak (which may or may not be in [...]
The hundredth monkey?

Does Our Philosophy Hold Up to the Facts?

  When you’ve been in the naming business for as long as Taylor Swift has been alive, you learn a few things. Over the years, [...]
Look, circuit boards! Tech stuff!

Deconstruct: tronc

  It’s been a tough year for Tribune Publishing Company. After the messy balkanization of the formerly bankrupt Tribune Company, [...]

Emoji Brands: Taking Names at Face Value

Doubters beware: emoji are here to stay. Their Western invasion (or welcomed arrival, depending on your point of view) began in earnest [...]
And I'm a paid actor.

Descriptive Names: Wasting Space Since 1900

A name shouldn’t tell people what a business or product does. These names—descriptive names—are everywhere: Microsoft, General [...]