Standard Nine came to us with a really juicy problem. Devices like the iPhone and the iPad are opening up completely new ways to learn. These guys were developing the software that textbooks of the future will be built on.

Anybody who’s lugged around a 25 lb. backpack full of books doesn’t need to hear any more.


There’s a big difference between education and learning.

We wanted to find a name that captured what it’s like to learn when you’re driving the process from your own curiosity. Inkling was perfect.

Inkling Rebranding

A textbook case of innovation


We ran a little classroom for the five top people in the company over a period of four weeks. They all got As for curiosity and a lot of bright ideas. We all wanted a name that was ownable, fresh, and had a lot of personality. The visual identity was created by Meta Design.

Inkling Rebranding

Visual identity by Meta Design, San Francisco.

153 Kearny St.
San Francisco, CA