Bumper Car Naming

No bumping allowed.

The Mayor of Hvar, a port town in the Adriatic – known for its location on what has been called one of the world’s sexiest islands – is trying to woo Mark Zuckerberg out for a summer visit. How to tempt such a famous CEO? Easy – offer to rename a nearby island…from Veli Vodnjak to Facebook.

There’s only one car with the name Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and she can be yours for somewhere in the range of $1-2 million. She’s one of a kind and she can drive down stairs!

Sir Billy Butlin was the first Brit to bring the bumper car from the U.S. to British fairgrounds in the 1920s. The name bumper car is no longer fitting at Butlin’s seaside resorts, ever since they banned bumping. One disappointed visitor said the experience was similar to “an exitless roundabout.”

The U.S. is big on rocket names like Delta, Minotaur, Atlas, and Titan. China, on the other hand, names its rockets with numbered variations of the Long March. This may change with the introduction of the new Chinese space station, which is due to be completed in 2020. The people of China can submit “resounding and encouraging” names to be considered for the project.

Jon Bon Jovi…the chef? The musician’s latest altruistic endeavor is a Pay-What-You-Can restaurant named Soul Kitchen. Gothamist reports on some of the menu items with names like You Give Teriyaki Chicken a Good Name.

A name change for an incoherent surreal sitcom cartoon? Check. Aqua Teen Hunger Force will now be known as Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1.

According to a recent analysis of LinkedIn users – Peter is the most common CEO name. The study comes after David Brooks’ New York Times article which made the claim that dentists are often named Dennis and lawyers are often named Lawrence.