Doctors and nurses sign up for an incredible adventure: think about all the responsibility, the dangers, the science, the creativity that is part of the job. Unfortunately, they spend a good part of their time in hospitals wrestling with computers. Aventura makes software that gives them back the most precious thing they have–their time–so they can work with patients and get back to the adventure they signed up for.


This is a case of a technology company that got caught up in its own underwear. We had to strip the thing down to bare metal and have them explain things in excruciating detail before we could really understand it. Then we built the whole thing from scratch. There were no sacred cows in this project. They had a history, but no baggage. The only thing that mattered to the client was the story and the power.

After living with these guys for a month, we came up with several rounds of names and finally settled on the one that best captured the spirit of the company, the size of the opportunity, and maybe most important, how doctors and nurses view their work.

All of our work was based on a question: What if technology could really help us? We discovered that almost every time hospitals install new clinician software, productivity goes down not up. This is nuts and Aventura can fix it.

aventura_names_comp aventura_logo_1 company-naming-aventura


We worked directly with Aventura’s senior team, including the CEO, the founder, and the product marketing team. We developed the brand strategy, wrote most of the copy, and partnered with a designer in Texas, an animator in Buenos Aires, and a web design firm in LA. We needed to reach two primary audiences: clinicians and hospital IT people. Clinicians cared about making their jobs easier. IT people needed to understand what’s going on under the hood.

Because the client was constantly on the road, we managed the whole process in a way that allowed the client to be involved only at key decision points. We created a look and feel that was different from any of their competitors. We produced sales support materials that explained the software. We worked with partners to feed our brand into their story. And we created a trade show exhibit that was visible for miles. For all of this work, we wrote the copy, provided creative direction, and we assumed ultimate responsibility for delivering the work on time and on budget.