A coffee consultancy fluent in all stages of production, Boot Coffee works with everyone in the industry — from governments of coffee producing countries and NGOs working to improve sustainability, to artisan roasters looking to bring out a cultivar’s hidden character. When the people behind Boot Coffee aren’t in their Lab teaching courses and inspecting beans, chances are they’re 35,000 feet in the air between San Francisco and some place with warmer weather, like Panama, Honduras, or Ethiopia. When Boot Coffee came to us, it was time to give their brand a different kind of elevation.

Boot Coffee Branding

Roaster and branding in action.


First, we got really caffeinated.

We hung around the Boot Coffee Lab with staff and clients from all over the map. We conducted interviews and in-depth research about this complex commodity. And we learned why it’s still so easy to get a really bad cup of coffee. With so many steps from bean to cup, there are lots of places to screw up. And because we live in an era of specialization, the fight to improve our daily dose is usually fought by experts in just one area of the supply chain. What makes Boot Coffee so valuable to the industry is their ability to understand the big picture, which allows them to improve quality at every stage. They show up, coffee gets better.

The San Franciscan Roaster

Coffee art and ingenuity.


Our job was to make sure the Boot Coffee brand was raised to the same level as its reputation. Since the coffee landscape is littered with small operations, we wanted to make sure people understood the gravity behind Boot Coffee. It’s the branding equivalent of making sure you don’t serve good coffee in a paper cup. It deserves better.

We developed the strategy, positioning, and website copy, then partnered with some good people to bring it to life. We brought in Kyle Tezak for the visual identity and Funkhaus Design to build the website. It was important that the brand felt true to the personalities of the folks at Boot Coffee. Sure, they’ve worked for more than 400 companies across the globe, but they’re people and coffee enthusiasts first and foremost. Quality without the attitude.

Boot Coffee Brand Logo

New logo by Kyle Tezak on the Boot Coffee website, developed by Funkhaus Design.