The Problem:

“It’s Motiion with two i’s.”
One too many steps

When the team at Motiion contacted us, they were tired of explaining how their business’s name was spelled instead of explaining what their business set out to do—cut the waste and headaches out of the food supply chain with the help of data and forecasting. Their work creates a world where harvesting data from existing supply chains better informs those producing and managing perishable goods. With the ability to better forecast, less food is wasted and logistics teams are much happier.

When it comes to naming, the software space is about as crowded as it gets. The team at Motiion was looking for a way to hint at their story in a way they could own. With Motiion, the two i’s became a distraction and it took too many steps to arrive at their story. They needed to drive the connection between their forecasting software and streamlining the food supply chain. Finding a name that spoke to their story was the best way to stand out.

The Fix:

Find focus
Convey value

In our intake interviews we were introduced to the vast, cluttered, world of logistics found in grocery stores and warehouses. Everyone wants fresh food but it’s not often that we consider the many hands at work behind the stocked shelves at the local grocery store. We focused on what the team was planning to bring to the supply chain—a value for freshness in food quality and food management. Both consumers and businesses benefit from this, and a lot less food gets wasted along the way. We looked for names that captured this feeling with a subtle connection to the food industry.

Crisp makes a clear tie to freshness that’s bigger than just groceries. As a name, it not only speaks to keeping food fresh, it also speaks to how they are able to drive freshness using real-time data forecasting. Crisp by definition means to act without hesitation or unnecessary detail—perfect for streamlining logistical clogs.

“I connected with the name Crisp as soon as it was presented to us. Ultimately, we wanted a name that would be easy to pronounce, easy to spell, a real word that immediately hinted at the value we provide.”

In a nutshell, Crisp acts as the ultimate descriptor in the battle to cut back on unnecessary waste.