The Problem:

Health claims are a dime a dozen
Crowded space

Even in a major metropolis like New York City, living with food allergies can be a major challenge. Unless you plan to source, prep and cook all your meals yourself, access to food that is truly good for you can be extremely limited. We all know we should eat more nutritious foods, but who has the time?


With food allergies on the rise nationwide, the founders of this new food concept saw an opportunity to serve a very real need— wholesome meal delivery for a Mom and child to share.

The founders were facing some common branding problems. Their placeholder name was generic, their competitive landscape was full of companies claiming to be healthy and convenient (even when the fine print proved otherwise) and they had tried naming on their own for long enough to know they were stuck.

The Fix:

Talk about the perfect pairing
Tell a story
Hype the experience, not the product

When it came to their concept, the founders really did have something different — a philosophy that traditional food preparation methods preserve vital nutrients and a belief that both moms and kids can benefit from ready-to-eat meals and snacks created with utmost attention to every ingredient.

We knew the name needed to evoke the connection between a mother and child. We wanted to speak to this relationship in a way that was resonant without being limiting. The final name, Duette, was a playful and elegant way to pair family and nutrition.


Beyond the mother and child relationship, Duette also works to promote the partnership of city dwellers and farmers that makes this business possible. We knew that if we could pique interest with the name, then the rest of their unique philosophy would keep people engaged. Duette Foodshed is now delivering nutrient-rich meals throughout New York City.



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