The Problem:

Crowded marketplace
David vs. Goliaths

Customer service has long been overdue for reinvention. Though we easily call, chat, email, text, and tweet our friends, when it comes to contacting a company and actually talking to a human being who can find your reservation or navigate your account or, you know, actually help, it feels like we’re living in the dark ages.


But here’s the thing: Those people at the other end really do want to help. It makes their day when they can make yours. And if you could see the software they’ve been using to try to do their jobs, you might have a change of heart.

Enter Gladly — a new company dedicated to making the experience seamless for customers and representatives alike. Forget tickets or case numbers — the way Gladly is reimagining customer service puts the customer at the center of a system that emphasizes transparency and ease of communication.


The Fix:

Make it feel warm and conversational
Out-human the competition

Because the Gladly interface is lightyears beyond what most companies currently use to operate their customer service departments, we knew the name needed to feel very different from the old guard companies like Cisco and Oracle as well as other, newer, systems — many of which have decided that if you’re trying to provide customer service, you have to have the word desk in your name. When we looked at the names in the competitive landscape, we recognized a real opportunity to bring some humanity into the space.


The name Gladly captured the spirit of a thoughtful software system that empowers company representatives to do what they enjoy doing, because they finally have the tools they need to develop real relationships with customers.

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