The Problem:

Crowded market
Too close to the problem

To call the team behind the launch of this product dedicated would be somewhat of an understatement. The founders had experienced a pain point so acutely that they walked away from their day jobs. To put it simply: traveling with pets is no easy feat. Historically, there has been nothing of note about pet carriers. Most of them seem to make pets more anxious than not — which leads to more problems, especially for older pets.

The founders of this product set out to design and manufacture an inventive new pet carrier — one with the signature feature they dreamed up to calm the fears of the pets they love. What if there was a way to comfort your pet while they were inside their carrier without risking an almost inevitable escape from the carrier?


We met the team as they were gearing up to launch. They knew they wanted a name that spoke to the benefit and key differentiator of their product. Their patented design includes a careful opening where a hand can enter to soothe a pet without any possibility of the pet getting out.


The Fix:

Make it about a feeling
Keep it short and simple

We knew we needed the name to underscore the unique connection between humans and pets. The entire company was built on the belief that a better carrier could exist, one that allows this unique bond to be realized — even when people and their companions are on the move. We also wanted to focus on the idea that their design allows people to comfort their pets with the simple act of human touch.


At the same time, we wanted to make sure that the name was fashionable and not at all limiting—because we knew it needed to be big enough to move beyond their first product and into a whole suite of pet accessories.


Hatch worked with all of our naming objectives. It was short and sweet and got right to the heart of the matter.


More you say?