The Problem:

Too much construction noise
You talkin’ to me?

The brothers James and John Yu found their way to us through Kevin Herman of Lift Studio. The brothers own a building company specializing in modern homes in the Bay Area and they were eager to rebrand. Although their expertise and reputation as honest homebuilders were already in place, the Yu brothers felt the brand could use a facelift. They wanted a more modern name and identity – an aesthetic that mirrored the homes they were constructing. Before Kevin tackled the identity design, we were tasked with finding a name that represented the company’s new direction.


First, we needed to understand the lay of the land. The Yu Brothers were cemented in a crowded and mundane space. There industry was mostly occupied with names like Savage & Sons or ACME Builders. Our goal was to be heard above the construction noise. The brothers also had the challenge of appealing to multiple audiences at the same time: the folks who bought the homes and architects who supplied the projects.

The Fix:

Space for creativity
Focus on the finished product

After two rounds of naming and working closely with James and John, we arrived at Interspace Builders. Interspace, defined as a space between two objects, didn’t sound like your typical building company. No Bay Area Builders. No E&F Construction. But we also didn’t want to shoot too far into left field. Interspace was the perfect middle ground between creative and relatable.


Additionally, Interspace is able to talk to all audiences at once. Since we focused on the finished product – the space, not the construction – the name could appeal to the homebuyers, the architects, and the brothers themselves. At the end of the day, Interspace is what all of the audiences cared about most – the home.



More you say?