The Problem:

Outgrowing a limiting name
Too close to the problem

Sometimes, after forty years of running an agency, you realize it’s time to mix things up.

We met the leadership team of The Marketing Den when they were thinking through this change. They’d done some of the hard work already: like making the decision to rename the company. They had accepted that their brand was not nearly as fun as they were. And that their descriptive name tied them too specifically to something that no longer accurately described what they do.


By the time they brought us in to guide them through our process, they had already tried to handle the renaming on their own. Twice. Both times their creatives had put in a lot of work to develop the story that could sell each potential name to the rest of the team. Both times they had discovered after the fact that the name couldn’t fly from a legal perspective. Sometimes even other creatives equate naming with being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We knew buy-in was important. And that the name needed to do more than just get the team to agree. It needed to help them tell their story.

The Fix:

Shift the emphasis, expand the territory
Focus on attitude

We started the project by getting to know the unique perspectives of each member of the leadership team. Almost all of their clients are long-term clients. This means that all of the creative work that they do is rooted in their relationships. We learned that the people on their team do what they do because they love doing it, and because they know they can really drive results for their clients.

A theme that kept coming up in our conversations was the idea that we’re all just grown up versions of who we were as kids. And that it’s the childlike wonder of their team that allows them to imagine creative ways to solve their clients’ business challenges.

We knew the name needed to live far off the beaten path to ensure trademark availability—the more uncommon the name, the higher the likelihood of registering the mark. Somewhere along the way, we went into the mind of our own inner kid. We were especially drawn towards examples of the explanations kids think up that are so much better than the actual facts of a matter.


Which brought us to: Elemeno. You know, the letter of the alphabet that some kids think falls between K and P?

H, I, J, K, Elemeno, P.

It’s the kind of name that makes everyone smile. It’s inherently fun to say. And it helps them tell the bigger story: how they help their clients achieve strategic business goals using their wild imaginations. The Marketing Den is now LMNO.


More you say?