The Problem:

Boxed in by a descriptive name
Speaking to two very different audiences

LookSharp helps companies find top-tier talent for internships and entry-level jobs. When we met the team behind the platform, they were known as InternMatch. They had run into a brand challenge that many startups face: they’d named themselves for what they did, and what they did had expanded. It’s hard to say you have a diverse pool of jobs and candidates when you have a name that says “internships only.”


We joined the effort to develop a new name and brand that would help support and strengthen their evolution into the broader job market, while still appealing to their InternMatch base. When a brand has multiple audiences, distilling the message without watering down the vision is no small task. On the one hand, we had college students and recent grads looking for career opportunities. On the other hand, we had recruiters and other human resources staff looking for talent.

The Fix:

Develop a name with room for growth
Speak to two disparate audiences with one voice

To get a handle on these different users, we interviewed employees who had been with the company from the very beginning as well as those just joining the ranks — so we could understand how the company has grown, where it’s heading, and how the relationships with these different users have developed. We conducted a series of exercises to fully grasp the foundation of the brand and to develop its personality without pigeonholing it.

The team knew that being too specific with the name had caused problems. We made sure they knew that being too general would also prove difficult — saying that you do everything for everyone is a great way to appeal to nobody at all.

In the end, we built the brand around the name LookSharp. The name works as an idiom for making a good impression, and it’s also a nod to the search. These meanings work in different ways for both job hunters and the companies on the lookout for talent.


We developed brand messaging for LookSharp, too. We began with the idea of transition. Many brands treat a rename as a sea change. For LookSharp, we knew that the audience could relate to a more gradual approach. While InternMatch was transitioning to LookSharp, its users were transitioning from college students to employees. The goal of the messaging was to tell this story in a way that addressed the change directly. This way, we could create continuity for existing users while at the same time clarifying the expanded offerings of the site.


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