Airbus Transpose

The Problem: Multiple stakeholders What is a platform, anyway? Flying ain’t what it used to be. Once the province of the rich and [...]


The Problem: Run-of-the-mill name Clueless audience Hand hygiene is a crucial part of the medical profession. But according to the CDC, [...]


The Problem: Crowded marketplace David vs. Goliaths Customer service has long been overdue for reinvention. Though we easily call, [...]

Liminal Fund


Standard Deviant

The Problem: Tricky legal landscape Too busy brewing to work on naming The Bay Area is experiencing a bit of a craft beer boom. With [...]


The Problem: Crowded market Too close to the problem To call the team behind the launch of this product dedicated would be somewhat of [...]


The Problem: Limiting name Lack of consensus Before we met AirTight, they were a WiFi security company. Their name had worked for them [...]


The Problem: Position a new subsidiary Build some marketing into the name Whitepages is a company with a lot of phone numbers. Billions [...]

Nokia OZO

The Problem: Jump into a new arena Find a name as cool as the product It started as a skunkworks project with two engineers in Finland [...]