The Problem:

Crowded party
Lots of cyberbabble
Tough to stand out

This was the second assignment for a British client. They were investors in a managed cybersecurity service that was being carved out of a company with a large portfolio of IT support services.

Our client was the founder and CEO. He knew the territory and was creating and testing the offering as we were developing the proposition and the brand. So it was a bit of an unusual process, one that allowed us to use the personality and values of the founder as a kind of proxy in forging the identity of the company.

The Fix:

Think like the bad guys
We are not here to scare you

We always want to know, what is the smartest way to think about the problem? This was an internet security monitoring service — a very limited offering. Essentially a bunch of very smart scruffy engineers sitting in a darkened room with a big red kill switch, watching your network traffic like hawks.



There was an underlying honesty to the story that was very refreshing. They basically are here to stop bad things from happening. The way they accomplish that is to think like the bad guys. So we positioned them as professional worriers. But unlike most worriers, they actually knew quite a bit about what they were worrying about. You might think about them as a cross between Black Ops and your mother.

There was a lot of humanity to the story, but when it came to the naming, we definitely did not want to be cute or clever. We knew we wanted to stay as far away from security industry clichés as possible. So we spent some time on the dark side, exploring names with some mystery, where something was hidden.

The name we finally landed on was Stega, which in Greek means “covered, concealed or protected.” There is even a more apt derivative called “steganography,” which is the practice of hiding messages within other messages. And a stegosaurus is a covered lizard. All of these subterranean meanings were quite delicious ingredients for the name of a company devoted to detecting the signals in the noise.



More you say?