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A Hundred Monkeys Featured on For Print Only

Print matters. We’re excited to have our Naming Survival Guide featured on For Print Only, a celebration of physical media in an [...]

Eli teaches Ryan how to name things

In Episode 1 of Ryan Learns Something, Ryan quits his job and gets $15,000 to start his journey of self-directed learning. He learns [...]

Don’t Call It That: Book Signing at Park Life This Thursday

Eli Altman will be signing his book at Park Life in the Mission this Thursday. It all starts around 6:30pm. To people who show up [...]

Learn “How Not to Name Your Startup” at General Assembly

Join Eli and he’ll give you the tools to create and evaluate brand names so you will never have to apologize for having a name [...]

Hello Berkeley

You can now find us in an old clock factory at: 2604 Ninth St. Berkeley, CA 94710

Don’t Call It That: Second Edition

In 2013, A Hundred Monkeys Creative Director Eli Altman published Don’t Call It That, the world’s first and only naming workbook. Now, [...]

Eli Altman discusses URL strategies with Inc.

“No one inputs URLs directly anymore. A magic search bar takes care of that for you,” says Eli Altman, creative director of [...]

Eli Altman is speaking at the 2014 Brand New Conference

Join Eli at the 2014 Brand New Conference in Chicago. He’ll be speaking about the creative, practical and interpersonal realities [...]
don't call it that

Don’t Call It That: A Naming Workbook

After 18 months of hard work, Don’t Call It That is finally here! Don’t Call It That is a naming workbook written by our [...]

UPDATE – June 14: Branding live-feed with Eli Altman

Due to unforeseen complications we have to cancel the General Assembly live cast. We’re really sorry it came to this. To make it [...]