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How to select a URL without going insane

Satisficing versus maximizing “So what about the .com?” is one of the more common questions we get asked when discussing a project. [...]

Renaming, like naming but harder

At A Hundred Monkeys we do our fair share of renaming projects. This year, 42% of our naming projects have been finding new names for [...]

Problem namers

A case for brand names that wallow with us. As consumers, we’re inundated with positive messages for products meant to make our lives [...]

What to do with all this noise

We live in a noisy world, and it’s not just noisy for our ears, it’s noisy for our eyes and our minds too. Modern communication has [...]

The state of writing at A Hundred Monkeys

  At the end of every year at A Hundred Monkeys our leadership team gets together in Mill Valley, down the street from the old [...]

If you cross a creative over the holidays…

Being a professional namer of companies and products affects how people interact with you at social gatherings and holiday parties. New [...]

Snacks on snacks on snacks: Snack naming at the Island Pacific Supermarket

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Island Pacific Supermarket in Vallejo, California. For the uninitiated, the Island [...]

Laissez-Faire Attitudes Yield Shitty Soufflés

Thoughts on Client Enthusiasm I lead about 25 naming projects every year and I’ve noticed a common characteristic that is a solid [...]

Build it and they will come

What we’ve learned from building naming architectures At A Hundred Monkeys we have a singular focus for most of our naming projects. [...]

Some of the best names I’ve come across as a professional namer

It’s fun to talk about bad names. We do so often. Our Creative Director Eli started an instagram hash tag for just that purpose: [...]