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The Brand is the Company is the Product

There are many reasons for companies to seek help with naming. One issue that confounds a number of growing businesses who have yet to [...]

Table Stakes: A primer on our universal naming objectives

Whenever we start a new naming project, we always share a set of universal naming objectives with clients. While we also develop [...]

30 years of A Hundred Monkeys in 30 minutes

I interview my dad, A Hundred Monkeys founder Danny Altman, on the early days of the company and the evolution of naming. We try not to [...]

Getting by with a little help with your words

Sometimes knowing your brand means knowing when to get creative help. It’s hard to talk about yourself. How much time is spent [...]

How to select a URL without going insane

Satisficing versus maximizing “So what about the .com?” is one of the more common questions we get asked when discussing a project. [...]

What we talk about when we talk about naming systems and naming architecture

When we talk about naming systems and naming architecture with clients and potential clients there is a decent amount of consensus on [...]

Red letter day: why acronyms don’t spell success in naming

I’ve never met an acronym I liked. They are normally a hodge-podge of letters trying to say too much but end up saying too little. So [...]

The long and short of it

A Hundred Monkeys can get you a name in about a month. Sometimes shorter. Sometimes longer. Project length depends on the client’s [...]

Hey, you! Homage edition

First installment of the A Hundred Monkey’s guide to virtual assistant naming AI is real. It’s happening. It also has a name, a voice, [...]

If you cross a creative over the holidays…

Being a professional namer of companies and products affects how people interact with you at social gatherings and holiday parties. New [...]