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Winnipeg's hockey team

Winnipeg wins a hockey team. But do fans want the Jets back?

The Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks may be the ones battling it out for the Stanley Cup this week, but Winnipeg is stealing the [...]

Top 5 ideas for Disney’s ‘Seal Team 6’ trademark

With only a hand grenade, a prayer, and a single round left in the chamber, lone Navy Seal Lt. Mickey Mouse is outnumbered and [...]

Zyrtec, Allegra and Benadryl: the bizarre world of allergy med names

Allergieth thuck. Itchy eyeth, runny nothe, non-thtop thneething — they’re your bodieth way of gibbing you the finger while [...]

Oregon lawmakers try to rain on the ‘Independent’ party

If freedom isn’t free, then independence is downright unaffordable. A recently killed bill in Oregon tried to ban the use of [...]
Elvis Presley named honorary citizen of Hungary

Hungary gives Elvis Presley a piece of budapest

Elvis Presley is the new king of Hungary, and I’m not talking about his royal appetite for peanut butter-banana-bacon sandwiches. [...]

Anthropologie’s naming scheme to make you wear paisley and take your money.

Anthropologie is a great store. Nothing makes me want to spend 300 bucks on a tank top like seeing them nestled in the mouth of some [...]

Update: Government’s naming transparency stumbles yet again.

A few weeks ago we talked about all the “accidental” naming pitfalls of a military mission named Odyssey Dawn, mainly how it sounded [...]

Manhattan Bagels: full of steam

Manhattan Bagels has more than 65 locations nation wide- the one place they’re not welcome? Manhattan. And that’s because New Yorkers [...]

WTF WWF? WWE? Really?

In 2002, The World Wrestling Federation lost its biggest fight of all – to a baby panda. When the World Wildlife Fund successfully won [...]

Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Razzie: the origins of award names

People love to congratulate each other. Whether it’s for eating lots of hot dogs, writing a catchy song or being able to play [...]