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Battle of the animal bands

From Eagles and The Monkees, to Fleet Foxes and Papa Roach, the world of music has always been teeming with bands who use animals as [...]

New Delhi bugged about super flu name

Bugs need names. Whether they’re in your bed, your bloodstream or your hard drive, giving a catchy tag to the creepy creatures [...]

Business Startup Guide to Naming

Any business startup guide should include advice on naming. Your company’s name is the first thing that most people will see or hear [...]

Unsightly Staines? U.K. Town Needs an Ali G Remover

The British town of Staines has a problem with its name. But it’s not quite what you would expect. About 15 miles southwest of [...]

Scotland Yard’s Vice Squad Succumbs to the PC Police

    by Jeffery Racheff London’s Vice Squad is starting to sound more like the Nice Squad. The special Scotland Yard [...]

“Captain America Who?” the shielded one gets a name change in Russia

Captain America? More like Captain Planet. The comic book golden boy, the tireless defender of freedom and patriotism and cool fighting [...]

Creating a Startup Identity

For any startup, a great idea is the message. A great brand is the bullhorn. For people to hear about a startup–and even more [...]

Will the Real Baptists Please Stand Up?

Hate: if you don’t mind the bad press, it’s a great way to get noticed. And for the Westboro Baptist Church, it’s a godsend. Notorious [...]

Naming Your Startup Business Idea

When you’ve got a great business idea and you’re trying to get it off the ground, there are a million things on your mind. You have to [...]

Hippies with AK-47s: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Maui Wowie. Albino Rhino. Cat Piss. Alaskan Thunderf**k. No, these are not rock bands or energy drinks. They’re the colorfully [...]