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The Hard Rock Hotel, Den of Evil

by Jeffery Racheff Imagine this scenario: It’s family dinner night, and you and the hubby and the kids decide to go out for a [...]

Crashing the World’s Biggest Wine and Cheese Party

by Jeffery Racheff Cheese-makers, prepare to curd your enthusiasm. The European Union is cracking down on producers who name their [...]

Torrent Reactor ‘Buys’ Itself a Russian Village

by Jeff Racheff Deep in the Siberian tundra, where sub-zero temperatures are the norm and Yaks outnumber computers, the new frontier of [...]

Ameriie Has a Vowel Movement

by Jeffery Racheff Rock ‘n’ roll takes no prisoners. Especially with those who have terrible names. This is typically a [...]

Pork: formerly known as the other white meat

by Jeffery Racheff Get ready for a whole new shade of lipstick on your honey baked ham. The National Pork Board (yes, it really exists) [...]

Let’s All Go to The United States… of Mexico?

by Jeffery Racheff Mexico is not who you think it is. For the last 185 years, our neighbor to the south has been posing under a [...]

Jennifer Aniston: victim of a classic ‘Baste & Switch’

by Jeff Racheff There are innumerable reasons why a movie might bomb in Hollywood today. Maybe the studio forgot to promote it. Maybe [...]

MAC Names New Cosmetic Line After Mexican Murder Town

by Jeff Racheff It’s a good thing MAC designs make-up, because the cosmetics giant is sporting a nasty black eye. The cover-up [...]

New name for PSYOPS messes with your head

By Jeff Racheff America’s mind warriors are facing a brain-bending name change. The U.S. Department of Defense announced last [...]

Cougar Town: so much more than just sex-crazed women

by Jeffery Racheff Cougar Town is on the prowl for a new name. After a dramatic 180-degree turn midway through its first season, [...]