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A tale of two Vancouvers

by Jeffery Racheff As far as most of the world is concerned, there is only one Vancouver. It’s in British Columbia, it hosted [...]

The shame of living with a storm name

by Jeffery Racheff The only thing worse than a storm that wants to destroy humanity, is a storm that wants to destroy humanity [...]

Trek Bicycles blows lawsuit against tiny winery

by Danny Altman I love David and Goliath stories, and they’re even better when the little guy comes out on top. Trek Bicycles filed a [...]

Maalox Total Relief: works so well it will make you sick

By Jeffery Racheff If there’s one place you don’t want to confuse names, it’s probably in the world of medicine and [...]

I want my MTV… without the "music television"

by Jeffery Racheff Video killed the radio star, and now MTV has killed the video. After an increasing amount of programming dedicated [...]

How to name a startup

  You don’t have to be a high tech guru to understand the importance of building something right the first time. The same [...]

Types of company and product names — A field guide

Etiam in velit eget purus volutpat posuere. Aliquam quis leo lectus. Vivamus rutrum metus sem. Pellentesque tristique orci non orci [...]

These bimbos mean business

By Alex Altman Where were you at the end of 2008, when Mexican food giant Grupo Bimbo sealed a $2.4 billion deal with Weston Foods, [...]

Ariva tobacco candy up for FDA review

by Danny Altman I was elated to hear that tobacco now comes in candy form because I was a big fan of candy cigarettes when I was a kid. [...]

I’ve never seen a cardinal in Arizona

by Barry Silverstein The Super Bowl got us thinking about sports team names. Some professional sports team names really work – like the [...]