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Is XFINITY an infinitely bad name–how much time do you have?

by Danny Altman I will give you a four hour window to consider Comcast’s new name for its triple play service. In the first hour, after [...]

Annals of naming: Charmin becomes Cushelle

by Danny Altman Like the U.S., Europe is dominated by a few brands of toilet paper–Lotus, Scottex, Cottonelle. And if Swedish [...]

A lasting memorial to… you

by Barry Silverstein A few weeks ago, the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Dubai was renamed Burj Khalia (Khalia Tower). Khalia, you [...]
Sometimes you have to defend your turf.

A Hundred Monkeys prevails in trademark infringement case

by Danny Altman A few months back we were featured in an AP wire story that appeared in 200 papers across the country. It must have [...]

When to Name Your Startup

It’s easy when you’re working on actualizing your business ideas to start making infinitely long to-do lists of all the things that you [...]

Buffalo’s Peace Bridge ponders selling its soul to PETA

by Jeffery Racheff Desperate times call for desperate measures. At least that may be the case in Buffalo, New York, where the [...]

‘Avatar’ goes to China, tries to claim a mountain

by Jeffery Racheff There has never been another film like Avatar. Both technologically and cinematically, James Cameron’s epic [...]

The side-effects of pharmaceutical naming

by Barry Silverstein It’s a little ridiculous that prescription drugs can be advertised to the public. Why should your TV tell [...]

Bowled over: the changing names of college bowl games

by Barry Silverstein Another college football bowl game season comes to a close tonight. Each year, it seems, the controversy [...]

G, is this a branding strategy?

by Barry Silverstein As a brand category leader, you should be inspirational, innovative, and ahead of the pack. That’s why it’s [...]