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On the warpath with Native American mascots

by Jeffery Racheff Neon headdresses. Gleaming tomahawk axes. Half-naked men covered in war paint – these are not the sights of a Native [...]

Naming and Branding in Downtown, South America

by Alex Altman I’ve taken a year-long sabbatical from naming to pursue scholarly interests in Quito, Ecuador. Even though [...]

The only good bug is a dead bug

by Jeffery Racheff They scurry in your walls and lurk between your sheets. They bite, sting, hiss and squeak, carving holes and [...]

Best Western, Worst Western

by Mars Riley       Best Western has an identity problem that has been 60 years in the making. Simply put, each of their [...]

Update: The Shack speaks

On Monday we posted an article about RadioShack which recently nicknamed itself The Shack. After a pretty sizable media/blog backlash, [...]

Oasis of the Seas: the Titanic times five

In many ways, a cruise is the ultimate vacation. You get to travel, relax in the sun, watch live shows, dance and drink, all within a [...]

Windows 7: what a name!

by Eli Altman I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, but I’ve been tied up. Let’s get down to it. Why is [...]

Wines That Rock: Keith Richards in a bottle

by Jeffery Racheff We all know how rock ‘n’ roll sounds, but have you ever wondered what it tastes like? If so, raise your [...]

Honoring Michael Jackson with a subway station? Not a ‘Bad’ idea

by Jeffery Racheff Two months after the iconic singer’s tragic death, the party celebrating Michael Jackson rages on. Fans are [...]

The Shack goes the way of The Hut

by Eli Altman So while Pizza Hut is starting to call themselves The Hut, Radio Shack is now toying with the idea of The Shack. Is it [...]