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Don’t Yank My Chain: USMNT Monikers

A week ago, chatting about the World Cup group stage, you’d be laughed at for giving the USMNT better odds to advance than Spain. [...]

Turn Your Grin Upside-Down: How a Name Makes a Home

Houses with names may seem like a vacation home tradition. It brings to mind​ images of beach houses and country estates named [...]

Need to Name a: Discount Fish Market?

Over here at A Hundred Monkeys we’ve been seriously underwhelmed with the number of ridiculous naming projects we’ve been [...]

The Difficulties of Brand Building Online

These days, a strong online presence is essential to establishing any kind of successful brand. Whether you’re starting a fresh new [...]

The NFL Wouldn’t Rename the Redskins, So We Did

Does your name offend a substantial number of human beings? Is it an outdated, horrible slang term from the early 19th century? Is it [...]

Need to Name a: Tactical Bowie Knife Company?

At A Hundred Monkeys, we’re always hoping for ridiculous naming projects. Need to name a stable of Mongolian racehorses? We do [...]

The Rise of the Blank and Blank

Opening a restaurant is risky: a quarter fail in their first year, and nearly two-thirds are gone by the third. The desire to minimize [...]

Developing Brand Building Strategy

The task of building a successful brand can sound daunting, but if you approach it with a well-defined brand building strategy, it [...]

What to Expect from a Brand Consultant

So you’ve decided to work with a brand consultant. That’s the first step. Of course, now that you know you are doing it, you have to [...]