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30 years of A Hundred Monkeys in 30 minutes

I interview my dad, A Hundred Monkeys founder Danny Altman, on the early days of the company and the evolution of naming. We try not to [...]

Some of the best names I’ve come across as a professional namer

It’s fun to talk about bad names. We do so often. Our Creative Director Eli started an instagram hash tag for just that purpose: [...]

How to find good names

Good names do not fly out of the aether. Most are found, which requires careful looking. Books are one of the best places to look, so [...]

Picking a company name? Context is everything.

Outside the confines of a company naming process, people aren’t used to seeing names all alone. In the real world, names are [...]

Naming My Business 101

Businesses are like poems; the person who creates them often saves the naming process until the end. Like inspiring language, great [...]

Snacks on snacks on snacks: Snack naming at the Island Pacific Supermarket

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Island Pacific Supermarket in Vallejo, California. For the uninitiated, the Island [...]

We need to stop naming people at work

People at Google are Googlers. People at Twitter are Tweeps. People at Amazon are Amazonians. These names feel like they are coming [...]

What Should I Name My Company?

If there’s one question we love to answer at A Hundred Monkeys, it’s “what should I name my company?” Company naming is a creative [...]

Should you rename your business? Check our flow chart

Deciding to rename your business is a pretty big decision. Do you have too much brand equity? Too many stakeholders? Does your name [...]

How to name a startup

  You don’t have to be a high tech guru to understand the importance of building something right the first time. The same [...]