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Names so bad they’re good

What’s the difference between good names and bad names? A lot less than you think. Ever since I wrote the first edition of [...]

Branding E-Cigs

Brand Death It’s been a long, dismal downhill for tobacco branding. First came the ban on TV and radio ads in 1970. Since then, tobacco [...]

Emoji Brands: Taking Names at Face Value

Doubters beware: emoji are here to stay. Their Western invasion (or welcomed arrival, depending on your point of view) began in earnest [...]

Empty Vessel Company Names: The Fortune 500’s Secret Weapon

Cigna, Avnet, and Alcoa are all Fortune 500 companies. Each has what we call an “empty vessel” name—a moniker with little meaning for a [...]
Surfin' URL.

How to Find a URL

So you found a name you love. Then you tried to find a URL. You wanted, but the person who parked it is MIA. Now you’re [...]

Deconstruct: 365 by Whole Foods

Deconstruct is a propaganda venture from A Hundred Monkeys in which we perform close readings of new names belonging to companies with [...]

What’s a ButFor?

Have you heard of Spoonrocket? It’s like Uber but for food. Have you heard of YPlan? It’s like Uber but for events. Have you heard of [...]

Football brands deserve more fitting sponsors

Let’s start with something really obvious: football (“soccer” for the Americans and Australians) is the most popular [...]

Show and Tell

Let’s translate a few common phrases: “You can trust me” means “Don’t trust me.” “This is going to be fun” means “This will definitely [...]

Don’t Click That: The Clickbait Virus

On a bad day, the website Upworthy attracts some 1.5 million unique visitors. Good days see 5 million visits. That’s a hell of a lot of [...]