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Searching for the perfect name, robotically

by Danny Altman Last week I reported on my journey into the world of robotic naming, where names are untouched by human hands. They [...]

Jordan adds fuel to the fire

by Mars Riley On Friday, Michael Jordan was accepted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. In many ways it felt like a [...]

The Beatles don’t sing Bon Jovi

by Mars Riley All of us want to be rock stars. This is a proven fact. If you were born between 1956 and 2005, you have stood in front [...]

Take your cheese to the bank

by Danny Altman What’s the difference between Kraft Parmesan cheese and Parmigiano-Reggiano?  Well, aside from the taste, and the fact [...]

Tip of the Hat: VitaminWater

by Eli Altman Today I want to give a Tip of the Hat to VitaminWater. Since the first flavors were introduced by Glacéau in 2000, [...]

Will Harvard be the new Hollister?

by Mars Riley After 373 years, Harvard University has started to actively brand its name. One would think the world’s most famous [...]

Disney and Marvel, sitting in a tree…

by Jeffery Racheff If you’re anywhere between the ages of 5 and 80, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been affected [...]

Owning Lizzie Borden

by Mars Riley In 1892, on a hot August morning, the town of Fall River, Massachusetts would change forever. Before that day it had been [...]

Light beer is selling itself short

by Eli Altman As far as I can tell, there are two reasons why Americans drink light beer: Either you’re trying to cut down on calories, [...]

Can Athleta make waves? Gap introduces a new brand.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Gap’s newest brand: Athleta— a yoga/surf/adventure line of women’s clothing that Gap is [...]