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Branding is Just Like Life: First Date Edition

How would your brand do on a first date? When we say that we build human brands, we aren’t spouting corporo-speak. We imagine brands as [...]
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Brand Attributes: Your Words Are Meaningless

In most pursuits, the fastest way between two points is a direct path. However, when dealing with people, this isn’t the case. For [...]

Cicero is Holding You Back

One of the oldest things on your computer—and it’s definitely on your computer—is a garbled, 2100 year-old text written by Cicero: [...]

Stupidest Product of the Year (and it’s only January 3rd)

On the way into work this morning, I was listening to Marc Maron interview Artie Lange. One of the things I love about Maron is the way [...]

Competing Against Big Companies: No One is Going to Save You.

In the Mission District, San Francisco, local merchants are banding together to try and prevent Jack Spade from selling tote bags and [...]

Don’t Call Them Wearables

Technology is easy to recognize. One glance at a coffee shop laptop and you know it’s a Macbook Air – doesn’t matter if it has 12 [...]

The Rise of the Blank and Blank

Opening a restaurant is risky: a quarter fail in their first year, and nearly two-thirds are gone by the third. The desire to minimize [...]

What can you learn from Dumb Starbucks?

What can you learn about branding from a business consultant who advises a gas station owner to offer a giant rebate that can only be [...]

Embarking on Brand Building Ventures

Embarking on  a brand building venture is an exciting and sometimes unnerving experience. The brand you build will, in many ways, [...]