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Characteristics of the Best Names for Companies

A company’s name has a lot more to do with its success or failure than you might think. You only get one chance to make a first [...]

Lean startups need lean branding

If you talk to people starting companies, you’ll notice a four letter word that’s rocketing its way to ubiquity. That word [...]

Rebranding: Companies that Succeeded

There are many things to consider when rebranding companies. A rebrand might simply consist of a new logo, or even just updated colors. [...]

The future is always in motion

Everybody wants to see the next best thing. They want to be there for genesis. Which is why car companies build concept cars — as an [...]

Rebranding process: Don’t let the crowd scare you

Let’s get the aphorisms out of the way: Change is hard, change is inevitable, and change is constant. When it comes to designing a [...]

Branding is just like life: Play a little hard to get

If people were like companies, we’d all be drunken sailors–telling our stories to anyone who would lend us an ear, and probably a [...]

What is Branding?

Ever wonder: what is branding? The truth is you already have an intuitive sense of what branding is, because it’s actually something [...]

Branding is Just Like Life: The power of “I don’t know”

Do you know anybody who has to be right all the time? If so, you probably don’t make a habit out of spending a lot of time with [...]

Creating Taglines That Stick

The poet David Clewell jokes that the greatest line of poetry in the 20th Century is “Raid kills bugs dead,” the tagline for the [...]

Branding is Just Like Life: Don’t squeeze the bloody life out of it

I grew up in a little beachfront enclave called Sea Gate, which was at the entrance to New York harbor.  My mother would take me in the [...]