Love at first sight can be a pretty thrilling experience. One moment you’re locking eyes while feeling for ripe fruit at the supermarket, and the next you’re cuddling together in the checkout line planning your honeymoon.

Yet for all its romance and adventure, love at first sight is also a dangerous affair. After all, who is this person? What if they never actually liked fruit and were only trying to get in your pants? Or what if they’re hiding something really creepy, like a houseful of hamsters and an addiction to PCP? Worse, what happens when you invest your heart in this stranger … and it all ends in disaster?

Falling in love with a name carries many of the same hazards as dating, though it’s mostly because people become fixated on a single choice. Let’s face it, there’s a decent chance your seemingly “perfect” name is already taken. And while falling head over heels for a name that turns out to be attached to someone else is pretty bad, finding yourself on the wrong end of a trademark infringement lawsuit is a whole lot worse.

That doesn’t mean you can’t, nor shouldn’t, fall in love with a name. It just means you should temper your expectations before you let yourself fall in headfirst. Keep some options on the table until you know what’s taken and what’s not.

Heartbroken that your love is attached to another? Take a look around you. There are plenty of other available options out there waiting for a good partner, and having more choices only allows you to make better decisions.

We can’t choose the people or names we immediately fall in love with. But we can choose to put in the work to find the ones that will make us happy and not get us sued. What more could you ask from a relationship than that?

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