Jeff Hyman came to us with a big project: change everything about how people lose weight, from the way they talk about it to the gimmicks they try on the way. He wanted to approach dieting like a business problem, with high-tech, long-term strategies based on rigorous medical testing, and a team that kept people accountable around the clock. In other words, he wanted to block all the exits.

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The little things can make a big difference


The reality of the dieting world is, there’s nothing realistic about it. It’s full of mythology and short-term fixes that keep people moving in the wrong direction and generally, its all about making it seem easy and fast, the two biggest lies of all. We all agreed that the last thing dieting needed was another name full of aspirational wonder designed to appeal to women, while a lot of male professionals needed the help more than anyone. So we took a different approach.


We wanted to communicate the no-nonsense method of the brand with a name that said, “This means war,” that speaks to the realistic battle people are facing–with none of the empty promises they’re so used to. And we wanted to underscore the hard medical science behind the program–so we kept things strong and simple, with a name that reflects the powerful promise of returning your body to the original manufacturer’s spec.

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Once the name was in place, we worked with Heads of State to develop an identity that reflected the strength of the brand.