737, A380, G650ER – if you’re looking to land with your audience, step away from the alphanumerics.

Naming in the aviation industry is rife with cliché. Numbers, letters, flight terminology, birds of prey. There’s a tight clustering of aircraft names around these concepts and there has been since the 40s. Maybe it’s because aviation is an engineering-driven industry. Maybe it’s because everyone cares more about fitting in than standing out. No matter how you cut it, leaving the flock to find some uncharted naming territory represents a huge opportunity to stand out.

At A Hundred Monkeys we’ve been doing naming and positioning in the aviation industry since 2006. We’ve partnered alongside NetJets, Airbus, and Boom Supersonic to create compelling naming and positioning that’s memorable and engaging. We’re keenly aware that aviation naming needs to work for multiple stakeholders including passengers, regulators, and partners. We tailor all of our work to meet the specific needs of your audiences and the aviation community.

Naming is not for the faint of heart

We always keep the quirks of a specific industry, be it the aircraft and civil aviation industry or any other, in mind when going through our naming process. But our process is really about naming — and every industry needs it. We approach every project with the same wide-eyed curiosity. Our experience across different fields is always helpful, but it’s our methodology and process that get our clients across the finish line.


A Few Resources

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Some of the best names in the aviation industry


We named the first supersonic jet to grace the skies since 2003. Overture will fly passengers from New York to Paris in less than four hours. The name evokes the aircraft’s elegant design and gives a nod to the re-introduction of supersonic travel.

Sea Stallion

The Sea Stallion is a heavy-lift cargo helicopter that has helped carry personnel and equipment since the mid-1960s and is still in use today by the Marines. Sea Stallion just sounds damn cool and it adds a whole new meaning to “call in the cavalry.”

We thought you may have questions...

Definitely. Understanding the territories where your aerospace business operates is an essential component to making sure our naming and writing hits the mark. Our process is built to incorporate international cultural and trademark screening to make sure your name works everywhere you do.

Understanding the bigger picture of your naming architecture is instrumental in making sure a new name fits in. We have done extensive work creating, modifying and building on extensive naming architectures.

Absolutely. Naming can certainly be a chance to show some personality, but in all our projects we’re thinking about naming as a tool for differentiation. Whether we’re naming for aviation or any other industry, we’re communicating a message with a particular audience and competitive landscape in mind.

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