The landscape of healthcare naming is crowded and everyone is trying to show they care.

Naming in the space of health care brings with it some unique challenges and considerations. Whether you’re a health insurer, a manufacturer of medical devices, or a startup trying to help people establish healthier habits, you’re in the business of people’s lives. The stakes are high. As a result, most companies are trying to communicate very similar messages of health and well-being. Everyone wants to focus on the positive without calling attention to being unwell.

Beyond the brand message, trademark screening in health care is also tricky. As more and more companies bring health and technology together, they’re also dealing in notoriously competitive trademark classes.

Before you end up sounding like everyone else with a generic name and/or getting a cease and desist letter in the mail, let’s talk. We work with our clients to develop more than just their name — we help them figure out who they really are and where to carve out a brand they can own.

Naming is not for the faint of heart

We always keep the quirks of a given industry in mind when going through our naming process. But our process is really about naming — and every industry needs it. We approach every project with the same wide-eyed curiosity. Our experience across different fields is always helpful, but it’s our methodology that gets our clients across the finish line.

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A Few Resources

Have a look at some of our health care projects:

Some of the best healthcare names


Tidepool connects to natural rhythms and diverse ecosystems. The name feels rich and natural.

Clover Health

Clover ties in with plants, bees, and even a little luck. It’s lush and green which feels healthy without saying health.


Calico relates to genetics in a friendly way that says we’re all a little different.


Anthem does a good job of eliciting some emotion, particularly for a company of their size. The name feels proud and unifying.


Verily is an antiquated way of saying “truly” or “certainly.” The name feels familiar and foreign at the same time. The connection to truth works well for a life sciences company.

We thought you may have questions...

We do everything in our power to make sure our clients don’t fall in love with a name they can’t have. Which means we conduct preliminary legal screening on naming rights for all of the names we present — before we even present them. Once we narrow the names from our process down to a short list, we can refer you to a trademark attorney to take it from there.

Testing is not an inherent part of our philosophy or process. Dan Pallotta said it first: Real leaders don’t do focus groups. We think focus groups are partially responsible for the sheer volume of mediocre products lining the shelves of a store near you. People have no idea what they want. That said — if market research is crucial for getting buy in from the powers that be, we can guide you through a process that will make sure the data you’re collecting won’t steer you in the wrong direction.

Absolutely. Naming can certainly be a chance to show some personality, but in all our projects we’re thinking about naming as a tool for differentiation. Whether we’re naming for health care or any other industry, we’re communicating a message with a particular audience and competitive landscape in mind.

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