Renaming is like naming but with different motivation.

This motivation takes many different forms: Maybe you need to push reset on your brand because of a decline in business or you’ve decided to pivot. Or you need to rename because your doppelganger is causing you trouble (read: ISIS). Perhaps you’re being sued or you just have a turd of a name. These things happen. Either way you’re looking for a new name – a change, and that’s good.

What’s the situation?

Right now you’re asking yourself, “Do I really need to rename?” And we would say that really all depends on your situation. Renaming is nuanced – it’s not as simple as renaming files It requires looking at a lot of the moving parts surrounding your brand, company, and situation. Do you have brand recognition or brand equity you don’t want to lose? Are you making a change to your audience or strategy? Are you being forced to change your name? All of these questions work towards answering that initial, looming question – “Should I rename?” In the end, if you are unsure you should give us a call.We’re more than just a renaming tool – we create names, register renaming, and more. Let’s chat.

A quick rundown of some of our renaming work