The Problem:

Limited by a descriptive name
Multiple audiences
Product hierarchy issues

Leapset helps restauranteurs handle the business side of running a restaurant. They show you when you’re busy, when you’re not, what’s selling and what you can do better. The name Leapset puts the focus squarely on the Point Of Sale Device. Problem is, Leapset was much more than a POS device. They handled online ordering and waitlist management, too. The name ended up being limiting when trying to talk about all the ways they could help restauranteurs and their customers.


With a slew of new features and functionality on the horizon, the people at Leapset needed a new name that could work harder for them—and have a broader conversation with a bigger audience.

The Fix:

Find the common ground between audiences
Communicate openness and flexibility

Leapset needed a name that spoke to both restaurant-goers and restaurateurs. Finding similarities between disparate audiences can be tough: clichés like “innovative” and “solutions” come from messaging problems like Leapset’s. After a lot of research, we realized the solution sprang from the role that Leapset played in the lives of both audiences.

Whether you’re running a restaurant or just trying to order a bagel, Leapset handles the technology side. How should that side of the experience feel? After talking to a lot of restaurant owners and restaurant visitors, we found that people really only remember these experiences when the technology is complicated or fails. The classic door knob test applies: a door knob is a good door knob if you have an intuitive understanding of how it works the first time you use it. It should do its job without crying for attention.

Some of those same waiters and hosts told us that Leapset rarely got in their way. People were pleased with the technology, and more importantly, knew they could easily get help if anything went wrong. This is how we ended up with the name Cake.


Cake says easy, no matter the audience. If you own a restaurant, Cake says you’ll be able to easily see how your business is running from anywhere. If you’re working at a restaurant, Cake says that inputting orders is intuitive. If you’re picking up takeout, Cake says you’ll know when your food is ready for you. It’s more than a name. It’s a promise that everyone at Cake can strive to deliver.

Because it’s short and sweet, Cake combines well with other words, which means it’s a great partner in naming hierarchies. And unless the company formerly known as Leapset decides to stop making products that are easy to use, Cake isn’t the kind of name that could ever box them in.


More you say?