The Problem:

Outgrowing a limiting name
Too close to the problem

Screen Interaction is a digital design agency headquartered in Stockholm. What started as a small team of programmers specializing in interaction design has grown into an international consultancy that brings design thinking to the development of digital products and services. As the team expanded their reach and capabilities, the name Screen Interaction started getting in the way. The name was descriptive and specific — focusing too heavily on the interaction segment of the business, and not at all on the strategic design thinking that is integral to the value they provide to their clients. With a full brand audit underway, the leadership team came to a conclusion: It was time to leave the old name behind, and develop a brand name with room to grow.

In our initial discussions with leadership, we grasped the importance of the growing company’s culture — and that it’s the people who make the place. So we hopped on the next flight to Sweden, to get a feel firsthand.

The Fix:

Make it human
Put the personality front and center
Keep things curious

Over a series of three days, we sat down with people from all areas within the company. Whenever we’re tasked with replacing an existing name with a new one, the stakes feel even higher. The goal in these conversations was to see the ins and outs of the business — and to understand how their teams approach projects and help clients thrive.

We kept coming back to the idea of a pervasive, empathic curiosity that weaves through everything they do. We knew the name needed to get at this attitude. Capturing the spirit of this passionate team of problem-solvers was at the heart of our challenge.

sweden a hundred monkeys naming

Over a series of rounds, we explored everything from Scandinavian history to programming language. We paired our names with a careful winnowing process to get buy-in from the most important people. Daresay rose to the top. The name is fundamentally human and conversational. It brings to mind the energy of a team of people always questioning and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — challenging the cultural and technological status quo along the way. With connection to communication that makes true collaboration possible, we dare to say that it’s a winner.


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