The Problem:

International audience

Fintech companies often position themselves as working to “disrupt“ the banking industry. Everyone wants to be a disruptor — but few actually are. Enter BBVA: the Spanish bank with its own incubator for companies attempting to do just that. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

We first met BBVA’s new digital business team when their EVP of Marketing brought us in to help them think strategically about naming one of their new companies. Around the table was a team of technologists dedicated to designing a better way to bank internationally. Many of them were expats themselves who felt this need firsthand.

In a world where crossing borders is easier than ever, moving your money between countries is still antiquated, expensive, and opaque. There’s a lot of waiting around in the dark and then paying unnecessary fees.

Simply put: There’s gotta be a better way.

The Fix:

Evoke the feeling of home

Before we got to work on naming, we began to solidify the brand’s positioning. The entire team was working to solve a serious pain point in international banking and the brand needed to reflect these idealist principles.

Once we set the beliefs in stone, it was clear the name needed to work to communicate the idea of feeling connected to your financial world no matter where you go. The big idea? Banking for people who call the whole world home.

We brushed up on our age of exploration history and learned the names of each of the global tradewinds. Where we landed was both incredibly simple and impactful — just like the business itself. Denizen perfectly captures the idea of what it means to truly live somewhere — even if it’s not where you’re originally from. Above all else the name communicates belonging.

Welcome to the world of borderless banking.

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