When we first sat down with Lindsay Braun to discuss her new company, we learned a lot about the state of commercial furniture. First off, the construction and materials are remarkably different from consumer options because they’re designed to withstand more use. The industry has done a lot to advance the cause of long lasting designs — but it has also been slow to adapt to the shift in company culture. As people become more and more used to the ease and convenience of buying consumer goods online, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the way people buy commercial furniture is broken.

The Problem:

An old-fashioned industry
Not your average sofa

Coincidentally, this conversation took place in our office, in a room that we furnished with pieces that were not designed to withstand the needs of a workplace environment, pieces we bought from one of those companies that makes it easy to order furniture online. 🙈🙉🙊

We were a bit sheepish during the meeting, but actually, we were a perfect case study. Like a lot of other small businesses, especially more creative outfits, the last thing we’re going to do is go through a slow and tedious process to furnish our space.

That’s where Lindsay’s vision came in. What if corporate lobbies and lounges could be furnished durably, stylishly, and easily?

The Fix:

Build a collaborative environment
Speak to the process

Whenever we get the chance to work with clients who can think through both the strategic and the creative elements of a name, we get to have a lot of fun. In short, Lindsay and her partner Jeffrey — in life and work — were a dream to collaborate with.

We knew we were the target audience for the name, which allowed us to put all of our favorite names on the table without worrying that they would be too out there. We also knew the name needed to speak to other creative teams, co-working spaces, and startups who understand that the work environment is an extension of their company with an influence over how people feel and work in a given space.

There were a number of names that resonated strongly with the team, but ultimately, the final name was clear-cut. Emblem was strong and sophisticated, unique and memorable, and a great way to talk about the furniture itself — how it comes to represent a company’s personality and workspace.

It’s time for some new furniture, don’t you think?

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