The Problem:

Times had changed
Industry baggage

For most of us, carrying around thirty pounds of books was an integral part of education. Not only are textbooks a physical burden, they’re mentally burdensome too: outdated, drab, non-interactive. With all of the technology available to us, why can’t me make studying a lighter, more engaging experience? Inkling and their founder Matt MacInnis set out to make this future a reality.

The Fix:

Signal a shift
Make it about learning—not formal education

Standard Nine didn’t just bring textbooks onto iPads. They fundamentally reinvented the experience for learners, teachers and textbook makers alike. With content that’s interactive, measurable and always up to date, we needed a name that stood apart from both pdf based “online education” as well as traditional textbook-based learning.

Since Standard Nine made learning an engaging experience, we wanted to find a name that captured what it’s like to learn when you’re driving the process from your own curiosity. Inkling does just that. It suggest a hint or a spark – an idea that drives you to find more. After legal vetting, URL screening and positioning exercises designed to show how our final contender names could be brought to life, Inkling was born.


“A random walk through a field of words yielded a focused dance. Inkling quickly became the vessel into which we poured our energy. It is a perfect mold that now holds our brand, our vibe, our company.”

— Matt MacInnis, Inkling CEO

When Inkling developed a platform for publishers to create their own content for Inkling, Matt and team came back to us to name the platform. We named it Habitat. The name helps Inkling talk about Habitat as an immersive environment where people can collaborate to build beautiful and engaging learning materials.


More you say?