The Problem:

Breadth of product
Capturing the feeling

The founding team of this company had an idea for something they felt was missing in the world — a product that mimics the way people actually like to get recommendations in their lives.

Most online reviews are difficult to parse. Does the person who gave the restaurant on the corner five stars have the same taste? Was that review written by a real person or a paid bot?

One person’s avant-garde is another person’s classic. Not to mention a lot of favorites are divisive. Rating engines abound — but they are no replacement for the good things in life: friends who know you, friends whose recommendations you can really relate to.

We flew up to Seattle to meet the team and dissect the problem. They had been using the placeholder name Tastemakers. They liked the idea of taste, but worried it would be too limiting. Afterall, their product would do much more than simply recommend restaurants — and they didn’t want to get pigeonholed.

The Fix:

Make it conversational
Make sure it’s not too limiting

We knew we wanted the name to speak to the idea that people who really know you are better than algorithms. Sharing your favorites with your favorite folks is a way to strengthen your relationships. At the same time, we recognize the fallibility of the human brain — we need to store and organize the things we like (or want to try) if we’re ever going to find them later.

Sure, they wanted the dot com and they wanted to be findable in the app store. But really, the biggest challenge was capturing the thrill of shared passion for life’s experiences.

Through a series of rounds of names, we landed on the feeling of the perfect dinner party. You know, the kind where the candles are lit, the mood is right, and everyone is exchanging brilliant ideas for places to try, books to read, sights to visit, etcetera.

Likewise was a natural fit. It’s inherently conversational — which makes it just right for a brand built around the idea of telling your friends what they might enjoy. And of course, it has both like and wise in it, which helps connect the dots — creating a smarter way to find and keep tabs on your new favorites.

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