The Problem:

Too close to the problem
Crowded market

When Violet Atrium first reached out to us they were still in stealth mode. We all tried to imagine what business they could possibly be in. Speakeasy? Hydroponics? For whatever reason, no one guessed IoT.

Once we connected to the team behind the violet curtain, we knew we were working with brilliant minds. Not only do they know software and hardware. They also actually love the stuff – and their passion is infectious. For a second, we almost thought it was a good idea to raid the aisles of Best Buy just so we could take some electronics apart and put them back together again. Almost.

The Fix:

Understand the audience
Make it as simple as possible

The team was working to develop a radically simple system for managing and securing home networks in the age of IoT. Not just any system, but one so simple that no one in your family will call you for help setting it up.

Above all else, the team wanted the name to communicate this simplicity. And they wanted it to signal peace of mind in the home. We thought the name should be open and flexible enough to grow with the ambitions of the company.

“Name has been great. Great choices, super functional, and fits with what we’re doing. Can’t ask for much more.”

— Jeremy Hitchcock, Minim Founder & CEO

Minim fit the bill for a number of reasons. A palindrome, it represents visual simplicity with an incredible economy of letters. It hints at the idea of minimalism while the formal definition of the word speaks more directly to the fluidity of a droplet of liquid.

A ridiculously simple home network, indeed.

Want to see another naming case study? Take a look at our work and see what we do.


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