The Problem:

Descriptive and limiting Not memorable “Boring” board confusion

It’s not unusual for a passionate team of entrepreneurs to arrive at a place where they outgrow their name while on the path to success. This was the case for RealtimeBoard. An internationally distributed team of makers, they had developed an elegant tool to help companies better collaborate across continents and timezones. The RealtimeBoard team was passionate about helping people communicate with their fresh, visually striking, and fluidly connected platform. The product goals of clarity and, as their name would suggest, immediacy were being achieved. However, RealtimeBoard’s name was leaving their team feeling a little uninspired with its technical nature — ultimately distracting from the beauty of the product.

RealtimeBoard had been experiencing rapid growth in its last few years and felt some urgency to express something more artistic and powerful with their name. With a product that was specifically intended to help teams stay connected and work the world round, they also had some particular requirements for a new name. They wanted to demonstrate the power of visual communication, hint at how their platform could help farflung teams work effectively, and evoke a sense of joy for bringing ideas to life.

When we began our conversations with their core team one matter came to light quickly: there wasn’t perfect alignment on whether we were naming the Company or the Product. This is actually something we see fairly often in naming — a team (regardless of how tight-knit or coordinated) can get a full head of steam, but wind up with slightly scattered expectations for a project or partnership. This is just one reason why we are firmly committed to one-on-one conversations with project participants — they help simple points of alignment come to light and get resolved without anyone feeling unheard or misrepresented. Ultimately, we agreed that the name should hypothetically work for both the company and the product — this would leave the future open to new products, and acknowledge that this name needed to have the strength to function as the overarching company name.

Like most companies looking to rename, RealtimeBoard had done some of their own internal naming, paired with some anecdotal testing. Through our conversations, it became evident their team passionately embraced the visual aspects of communication and their platform’s fundamental principle that imagery can add potency and precision to almost any message. We geared up to search far and wide for artistic terms and reference points to give them a rich story for their name, and lay out an expansive canvas for their future.

The Fix:

Get inspired Offer creative collaboration Say more with less

Throughout our explorations we looked for names that spoke to the artistry of visual communication with a hint of creative playfulness. We also searched out concepts that spoke to keeping teammates being on the same page and engaging with the task at hand. As we presented names it became clear that the team had a lot of enthusiasm for the names that were more imaginative and encouraging of an artistic mindset.

As the RealtimeBoard core team drew closer to selecting a final name, we were able to meet face to face with them and offer some final guidance on selecting their name. That conversation covered everything from petroglyphs and iconography to the nuances of abstract art and murals. Those exchanges ultimately led them to selecting their new name: Miro.

Miro was derived from Joan Miró, the Spanish painter and sculptor who painted bright, bold murals of surreal amoebic forms. His vibrant, energetic work was a perfect metaphor for bringing ideas to life with a flourish of passion. Miro had the bonus of posing as an empty vessel name with an interesting back story, and even a connection to the Spanish word for “look” or “watch,” which could set up the idea of sharing ideas and storytelling nicely. Miro is warm and has a way of bringing the room together, whether your colleagues are across the boardroom table or the continent.

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