Traveling around Europe can be complicated. Sure, it’s not too bad if you’re going from one major city to another but if you’re going to a small town or taking multiple modes of transportation, the complexity ratchets up quickly. That’s where GoEuro came in – a one stop shop for tickets and travel planning in Europe.

The Problem:

Outgrowing a descriptive name
Can’t mean something to everyone

When GoEuro came to us they were rapidly expanding. This is not a problem but it created a problem when combined with their name. GoEuro is, well, Euro-centric. It isn’t exactly compatible with a company that has global ambitions. The name is also in English. And while English is the international language of business the team at GoEuro wanted something that didn’t read as from a particular country. This is no easy task. Every word is from somewhere. The challenge was to convey a sense of movement and direction without feeling like the name is from somewhere specific. We had our work cut out for us.

The Fix:

Show movement with letterforms
Feel cross-cultural

At A Hundred Monkeys we do everything we can not to make up words. Real words are easier to remember and attach experiences to. But with the specific requirements of avoiding English and not feeling rooted in any one language, coining words was our strongest option.

One idea that felt particularly interesting was to develop words that started and ended with “O.” This form creates the visual effect of a vehicle’s wheels or a map with starting and ending points highlighted. The GoEuro team was into this idea and we pushed it as far as we could. Two rounds of names yielded a shortlist for deeper international legal screening and market testing.

The last name standing was Omio. It’s short and easy to pronounce globally. It almost looks like the wheels and motor truck of a train. It also looks like a curvy journey from home to your destination. While it wasn’t intended to mean anything, the name can be split up into “o mio” which sounds like “oh my” in Spanish.

So if you’re ever planning a trip and want one site to get all your tickets from A to B, go check out Omio.


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