The Problem:

Define yourself in a crowded marketplace
Find a fresh way to talk about what you do

Cybersecurity companies don’t have to do a lot to drum up business — weekly mega-breaches and the media do a pretty good job of scaring the living daylights out of people. But all this awareness encourages a kind of paralysis — the threats loom so large that people prefer to hide under their desks than actually prepare for it. Cyber security isn’t just an IT problem. It’s a business problem that goes all the way to the top.

Our client was starting a UK cybersecurity consulting company from scratch. With deep roots in banking and finance, they understood that there was a market at the boardroom level. CEOs and directors are tired of paying for protection that they don’t understand and that usually doesn’t work. They don’t want to be sitting ducks — because when a cyber attack happens, their jobs are on the line.

The Fix:

Don’t be like anyone else
Connect with the people at the top

The new name had to appeal to CEOs. It had to have a story. Most of all, it had to convey the seriousness of the mission without feeling like a hard sell.

We positioned the firm as trusted advisors to a handful of companies. In keeping with the hush-hush nature of their work, we recommended that the website not even have a list of services. The less said, the better. They didn’t need to scare anybody, they just needed to connect with the people who were important.


Finding the right name in a sea of acronyms and Darth Vader imagery was the challenge we took on. There was a need to bring the cybersecurity conversation back to earth and signal a different approach. We were looking for a name that was intriguing, but didn’t give anything away, almost like a code name. A name that didn’t scream cyber security, but when you encountered it and heard the story, you would go aha! — of course.

The name we decided on was Remora. A little fish that swims with sharks and keeps them clean. The strategy and the name have helped Remora attract attention in an industry that mainly wants to scare people. And having a name that brings a smile to a prospect’s face is always a plus.


More you say?