The Problem:

Tricky legal landscape
Too busy brewing to work on naming

The Bay Area is experiencing a bit of a craft beer boom. With new spots opening left and right it can be tough to keep track. It’s even tougher to enter the scene and make a name for yourself — especially if you’re the newest kid on the block.


Enter Paul Duatschek. After a decade of working in biotech, he had started applying the scientific method to his home brewing experiments. We met a couple of years ago, right around the time he was ready for a change in careers.

Paul was extremely passionate about brewing. And he was adamant about developing a name that aligned with this passion. Something that could bring some of his personality to the fore while also being expansive enough that it could grow with the brand.

The trouble was that everything he came up with was already taken by someone else in the industry. Turns out there are a lot of smart and creative people brewing beer. To make matters worse, the quirks of trademark classification lump beer, wine, and spirits into one category that includes producers, distributors, bars, and restaurants. So it’s a very crowded scene.

Paul showed up one afternoon on a motorcycle with a bag full of samples and we got to work.

The Fix:

Bring out the personality
Make it smart and playful

We went into the naming process with two objectives. First, we wanted to make people smile, laugh, or think. Which is another way of saying we wanted the name to serve as an excuse for a positive interaction. Second, we wanted the name to play off of one or more themes that resonated with Paul personally: science, science fiction, superheroes, monsters, and experimentation. All in all, it was more fun than the average work day.

Standard Deviant worked on a lot of levels. It spoke to science in a playful, almost mischievous way. This angle really shines in the full name — Standard Deviant Brewing. On top of that, Paul’s brewing style carries this same spirit. The beers are classics — but with a little something that makes them unusual.

Standard Deviant Brewing is now open in San Francisco. You can find their beers on tap throughout the city.

All in all, this is not your average IPA.

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