The Problem:

Legal troubles
Evolving audience
It’s more than video conferencing

When we met the team at they were about to make some big changes. Their product had evolved from their early days to include more features that support the way teams collaborate today. As a company, they believe the office environment is changing and the way we work should be flexible, in balance with how we live our lives. At the same time, they were in the middle of a legal dispute and needed to change their name. This is nothing new. We see it quite often. The trademark landscape is vast and complicated—with so many companies who already have a flag in the sand, it’s sometimes difficult to find a name on the first go-round.

But saw their glass as half-full. Their name change would offer them the chance to shift brand positioning. They were now able to speak to their core values as well as to an audience who wanted freedom and flexibility with how they live and work.

The Fix:

Find a legally viable name
Mark the start of a new chapter
Focus on something meaningful

Step one: find a legally viable name. At A Hundred Monkeys, we believe every name should be memorable, engaging, and easy to find on the internet. The first two always push us into territory that makes for legally viable names. If you’re memorable and engaging, you’re probably not like anyone else in your space.

Step two: mark the start of a new chapter. During our intake interviews with, we discovered a genuine enthusiasm for changing the way people get work done. As a company, they ascribe to the ethos that you can be anywhere in the world and still effortlessly connect to your team.

We explored a lot of options that spoke to the balance of work and life. In the end, Whereby was a clear winner—the construction of the word is simple and familiar enough to work globally, but unique enough to be ownable. Meaning by, through, or in accordance with, the name is a metaphor for the distributed workforce and how people can be successful regardless of where they are. A team could be dotted around the globe yet effortlessly and easily work together as a whole using this platform. Whereby spoke to the how as well as the why.


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