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How to select a URL without going insane

Satisficing versus maximizing “So what about the .com?” is one of the more common questions we get asked when discussing a project. [...]
Surfin' URL.

How to Find a URL

So you found a name you love. Then you tried to find a URL. You wanted, but the person who parked it is MIA. Now you’re [...]
Sometimes you have to defend your turf.

A Hundred Monkeys prevails in trademark infringement case

by Danny Altman A few months back we were featured in an AP wire story that appeared in 200 papers across the country. It must have [...]

Eli Altman discusses URL strategies with Inc.

“No one inputs URLs directly anymore. A magic search bar takes care of that for you,” says Eli Altman, creative director of [...]

Top 5 ideas for Disney’s ‘Seal Team 6’ trademark

With only a hand grenade, a prayer, and a single round left in the chamber, lone Navy Seal Lt. Mickey Mouse is outnumbered and [...]

How to find a good URL without having a brain hemorrhage

I was recently featured in an article by Max Chafkin in the July issue of Inc. Magazine. The article, Good Domain Names Grow Scarce, is [...]