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The state of writing at A Hundred Monkeys

  At the end of every year at A Hundred Monkeys our leadership team gets together in Mill Valley, down the street from the old [...]

What to Expect from a Brand Consultant

So you’ve decided to work with a brand consultant. That’s the first step. Of course, now that you know you are doing it, you have to [...]

Creating a Startup Identity

For any startup, a great idea is the message. A great brand is the bullhorn. For people to hear about a startup–and even more [...]

Empty Vessel Company Names: The Fortune 500’s Secret Weapon

Cigna, Avnet, and Alcoa are all Fortune 500 companies. Each has what we call an “empty vessel” name—a moniker with little meaning for a [...]

Rebranding: Companies that Succeeded

There are many things to consider when rebranding companies. A rebrand might simply consist of a new logo, or even just updated colors. [...]